Children's Dentistry

Lifelong Healthy Smiles Start in Childhood

Good oral hygiene starts early, so our Seaforth, Sydney dental clinic recommends that you bring your children in as early as their first tooth eruption. These first dental visits can go a long way in helping children to avoid feeling any anxiety over visiting the dentist. Dr Lincoln Huang and the C4th Dental Centre team will only provide treatment with which your child is completely comfortable, and that is age appropriate.

With regular check-ups, we can help make sure your child starts on a good path to a lifetime of optimal oral health. They also give mums and dads the chance to ask questions about proper oral development in their kids, and we can often provide early intervention to help reduce the possibility of orthodontic concerns later.

During your child’s time with us, Dr Huang will check the following areas:

Oral Hygiene

Children's dentistry

Young children lack the dexterity to properly brush and floss their own teeth, so it is up to parents to supervise their efforts until they are older. Even when your child has just one or two teeth, proper oral care starts with a clean cloth that is gently rubbed on the teeth to help keep them clean.

When your child comes to C4th Dental Care, Dr Huang will conduct a visual examination to screen for potential dental issues, including cavities and other problems. Early intervention is crucial to protect the development of those teeth that haven’t yet erupted, so he may also recommend digital x-rays if necessary.

Tooth Development

Baby teeth, also called primary teeth, erupt in a set pattern; they tend to fall out that way as well. If teeth are lost early or knocked out before they are ready, this can impact the adult teeth developing beneath the surface. This can lead to the need for orthodontics later, so it’s crucial this be monitored closely.

Preventive Care

Children are susceptible to cavity development, and even though the primary teeth will eventually fall out to be replaced by adult teeth, it’s crucial to prevent and treat decay when it develops. We offer fluoride treatments as well as pit and fissure sealants on the back molars to protect the teeth.

Tongue or Lip Ties

In some cases, tongue tie may cause speech problems while lip tie may cause early gum recession, which may lead to root exposure with sensitivity. A soft tissue laser can correct a tight piece of skin under the tongue or next to the lip that might be impacting speech. The procedure is relatively painless with no post-operative bleeding and healing is extremely fast. No stitches are required either.


We offer a full range of orthodontic treatments, including early interceptive treatment, fixed and removable plates, metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual (invisible) braces, Invisalign clear braces and the DAMON™ system (non-extraction braces) for children as well as teens and adults.

Speech Patterns and Habits

Habits such as thumb-sucking can impact not only the development of the teeth and jaw but speech patterns as well. Kids with chronic thumb or dummy sucking can most likely cause narrow upper jaw as well as dental overbite. Dr Huang can help determine if interceptive treatment might be necessary.

Sleep Apnoea

If you suspect your child suffers from sleep apnoea, we can organise a sleep study to determine if an oral appliance might be necessary.

Sleep apnoea and snoring can have serious impacts on the intelligence, growth and behaviour of your child. Fragmented sleep can make it difficult for children to concentrate in school, as well as cause social problems, hyperactivity and anxiety and depression. Growth deficiency is another possiblity, including adverse jaw development.

Does your child have obstructive sleep apnoea? Keep watch for these possible signs:

  • Snoring often punctuated with pauses and gasps
  • Breathing while sleeping that is particularly heavy
  • Restlessness while sleeping
  • Bedwetting (particularly if this has recently recurred)
  • Feeling overly fatigued during the day
  • Exhibiting behavioural problems
  • Sleepwalking
  • Suffering from night terrors

Creating a Positive Dental Experience

We look forward to meeting you and your children so we can help to provide dental care for our patients of all ages. We invite you to call our Sydney Seaforth dental clinic today to book an appointment.


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